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Precision, speed, flexibility – these are the features of our needle embossers, needle scorers and engravers in stand-alone, USB and tabletop versions. Depending on the system, the devices can be controlled via PC, PCA control or controller. All devices allow the individual setting of the embossing depth as well as the font heights and widths.

Marking Master

The "Marking Master" is an inexpensive needle embosser for labelling. Marking of solid materials such as metals (steel, aluminium, etc.) or plastics.

Easy Marker

The EasyMarker is a universal needle marker for labelling, marking and identifying solid materials such as metals (steel, aluminium) or plastics. It enables precise and inexpensive marking.

Unigrav marking System

The "UniGrav" product range is a universally applicable marking system for scoring, embossing or engraving. Also with HS motors for highest speed!

DPM direct part marking

Marking of components in harsh environments. Particularly robust needle embosser design.

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